UNDERGROUND ACCESS PASSThe new smart money.Underground is a private, hand-picked collective of talented investors looking to disrupt NFT culture. Unlock 24/7 access to a trading floor of curated alpha, industry-leading tools, and a community of like-minded individuals.

Our next application wave has tentatively been scheduled to begin August 9th.
Stay ahead of the curve.Smart money. Early alpha. Exclusive network. An underground membership unlocks access to a professional, best-in-class community of NFT investors equipped with industry-leading tools and insights to keep us ahead of the curve.
Meet our Team
Program Management Lead in the NFT & Crypto space. Proud father of a Cavalier King Charles.
Student with a passion for web3. “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” —Winston Churchill
Ex-finance bro - into sneakers, gaming, and NFTs. New Yorker that’s a sucker for a good bacon egg and cheese.
Full stack software developer and CS undergraduate. Massive fan of Shiba Inus.
Web3 software engineer building bots and tools all day and night. Really loves pandas.
Dog dad, nerd, and always looking to be a leader. Probably awake, why sleep when I can have the world to myself?
Left web2 marketing for web3 marketing, UK based living in an American timezone.
Part-time Project Manager, full-time Web3 degenerate. Sneakerhead and coffeeholic, not necessarily in that order.
Senior analyst & cubicle inhabitor working his way into Web3. Proud Marylander that hates seafood but loves to fish.
Web2 online entrepreneur turned Web3 maxi. Fitness fanatic chasing summers and living the nomad lifestyle.
CPA turned web3 degen. Foodie at heart and live for the grind.
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Founded in March 2022, the Underground is a private, members-only collective of talented traders and investors looking to disrupt and define NFT culture.

Our goal is to build an exciting community of ambitious individuals who look to NFTs as a potential path towards financial freedom and want to make friends along the way.

These are our first steps towards our mission to build a premier brand, emulating the impact successful gaming organizations have had on eSports culture: setting a standard for excellence, inspiring others, and pushing the legitimacy of our industry forward.
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