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We are an all-star team and community of NFT traders and collectors that curates project discovery with a purpose. We leverage our extensive experience, data-driven decision making, and in-house custom tools to empower your growth in Web3.
Stay ahead of the curve.
Smart money. Early alpha. Exclusive network. An underground membership unlocks access to a professional, best-in-class community of NFT investors equipped with industry-leading tools and insights to keep us ahead of the curve.

Connect with some of the most notable NFT traders and investors.

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Mint Monitors

Locate the hottest mints and access everything with one click.

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Curated alpha, with an emphasis on quality and consistency.

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Profit Trading Tools

Discover breakeven targets, profit potential and realized gain in ETH and USD (real time) values.

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Exclusive Partnerships

Monthly savings and exclusive offers for our community.

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Personalized Wallet Tracking

Customize and follow any wallets you want with our in-house built wallet tracker.

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Whitelist Opportunities

We establish whitelist partnerships with the finest NFT projects in this space.

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Bounty Program

Receive prizes and rewards for contributing to the collective.

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Web3 Education

Acquire knowledge and skills to gain a competitive edge in the Web3 space.

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Feel comfortable and stylish in our exclusive underground merchandise.

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Meet our team.
The underground team is a collective of NFT analysts, researchers, developers and investors. Combining Web2 and Web3 experience, the team has a diverse and versatile background allowing us to be at the forefront of the Web3 movement.
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We welcome NFT projects and founders that are creating something unique and different within the Web3 space. We have partnered with some of the most forthcoming projects including: Valhalla, KPR and Degenheim and welcome more builders and top tier projects to collaborate with us. Complete our short web form to get in touch for partnerships and collaborations.
As part of the Underground Consulting service you will have access to our leading team of NFT investors, analysts and expert marketers, each bringing a unique perspective of the market, coupled with a deep understanding of: minting mechanics, contract development, website design, community curation and all the facets that go into creating a successful project.
Browse our range of free educational material. We are committed to pushing the Web3 space forward and as such, we strive to become an education hub for NFT traders and investors.
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The Value of Community

With dozens of NFT projects launching daily, existing projects announcing news and the macro economy heavily affecting the price of Ethereum and the conditions of crypto; it can be extremely hard to keep up, without getting burned out.

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Managing Your Mindset

Trading and investing in NFTs during a bear market is one of the hardest times to manage your emotions and psychology. Here are 3 tips to manage your mindset.

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NFT Rarity Distributions

Whether you've held a NFT until reveal or looking to buy post-reveal on secondary, understanding the value of rare NFTs in a collection is crucial as an investment thesis.

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5-Step Checklist To Find New NFT Projects

What decides if a project gains the attention of the entire market or gets lost in the shadows?

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Reading Contracts

Reading contracts and minting through Etherscan is a skill that most experienced minters have mastered.

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Underground NFT Consulting

As a team, we are expanding our core competencies into an area that we are confident in delivering a high level of value and expertise; parallel to how we’ve developed one of the most sought after NFT communities in the space.

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